Amy Sedaris Joins Cast of Netflix Film ‘Handsome’

(United States) – Greek-American actress Amy Sedaris has recently joined the cast of Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie. The original trailer for the movie was released about a week ago, and the Greek-American actress is featured amongst the all-star cast. Many of the actors, Sedaris included, have a background in comedy. The movie is a Netflix original and the premier is currently scheduled for May 5, 2017.

The film is about an LA Detective named Handsome, played by Jeff Garlin, who is portrayed as being an excellent detective with an extremely messy personal life. He is leading the investigation of a murder that, while serious, is also somewhat comedic. Amy Sedaris is scheduled to play Lieutenant Tucker, who is Handsome’s boss throughout the film. Both Garlin and Sedaris have a strong background in comedy and it is their humor that helps give this murder mystery some comedic elements.

Amy Sedaris was born in New York but raised in North Carolina. Her father is of Greek descent and she was raised in the Greek Orthodox faith. Her brother, David Sedaris, is a humorist and writer and she often collaborates with him. She has been featured in both television and film and is also a voice actor. Her credits include Strangers With CandyPuss in BootsThe Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Elf. She has also been part of comedy groups and has done standup comedy.

Before breaking into comedy and acting, she had odd jobs, including as a waitress and a cashier at Winn-Dixie, a supermarket chain. Her employment history is fairly colorful and she often shares stories of using wit and humor to help her get through the workday. She got her start as part of a comedy troupe in Chicago and her acting career grew from there. Her first role was on Exit 57, a sketch comedy show on Comedy Central.

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