The Circle of Hellenic Academics Hosts its Annual Circle Banquet

Circle of Hellenic Academics(Newton, Massachusetts, United States) – The Circle of Hellenic Academics in Boston, Massachusetts will host its annual Circle Banquet this weekend on May 14 at the Boston Marriott in Newton on Commonwealth Avenue in Newton, Massachusetts starting at 6 PM. This year, the event will feature a keynote speaker, Ifigenia Kanaras, who is Her Excellency the Counsel General of Greece in Boston. The topic of her speech will be called “Greece at the Front Line of Europe’s Refugee Crisis.” During her talk, she will bring attention to the refugee crisis and how it has impacted the country as a whole.

Greece is a country that is currently plagued by various issues, many of which have international consequences. The refugee crisis is one of them. Places throughout Greece, such as cities and towns located on Greece’s northern border, islands like Chios and Lesvos, and the port of Piraeus have all been impacted by the situation with the refugees, who have been flocking to Greece and other parts of Europe from countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. World leaders in countries such as Greece have been scrambling in an effort to find a way to manage the crisis while preserving public safety and creating a decent living environment for the refugees.

The Circle of Hellenic Academics was founded in 2014 in Boston for people who work in academics who are of Greek descent or who work in areas of academics that pertain to Hellenic affairs. The Circle provides a way for these individuals to discuss issues that impact people of Hellenic origin from all over the world, such as the refugee crisis. The Circle, which is taking place today, will also announce winners of the The Circle’s Doctoral Thesis Achievement Awards  for 2016. Each year, the Circle nominates individuals for its Doctoral Thesis Award for excellence in thesis research in a doctoral program within the United States and Canada. The Circle is going to give two awards, one in the Mathematical Sciences, Natural Sciences, or Engineering fields and another in the Humanities or Social Sciences. Winners of this award will be presented at the Circle Banquet.


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