Greek-Americans Receive Awards from the International Foundation of Greece

john-catsimatidis(United States) – The International Foundation for Greece, which is headquartered in Greece, has recognized several prominent Greek-Americans at the 2016 IFG Awards in several categories, including Media, Science, Entrepreneurship, and Film & Theater. Dr. Peter H. Diamandis, the Chairman of the X-Prize Foundation, won for the Science category, John A. Catsimatidis, the billionaire, won for the Entrepreneurship category, Rita Wilson, a Greek-American actress, won for the Film & Theater category, and George Stephanopoulos, the news anchor and journalist, won for the Media category. The recipient for this year’s Arts & Letters category is of Greek-French origin.

he recipients were presented their awards at the Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece. The IFG presents these awards to Greeks living outside of Greece who have made positive contributions to society by adhering to Hellenic principals in their chosen professions. Each of the recipients will be further honored with their own official stamp, which will be put into circulation.

According to the IFG website, the IFG began in London by George and Aspasia Leventis. Their aim was to develop, “an international network of support for groups of people facing serious problems during this difficult period of the economic crisis that our country is enduring.” They also went on to say that, “Our foundation is initially aiming to buy medical equipment, acquire ambulances and other high speed vehicles and to provide heating for schools and charitable organizations throughout Greece.”

Today, the foundation is dedicated to not only recognizing noteworthy Greeks living throughout the world, but to also provide their aid and assistance whenever they’re needed. The website says, “It is also developing a means for whoever wants to contribute, so that help can reach its target quickly and effectively.” They give out their IFG Awards every year in order to recognize distinguished Greeks from all over the world.

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