Greek-American Bill Matsikoudis Running for Mayor of Jersey City

(Jersey City, New Jersey, United States) – Bill Matsikoudis, a Greek American, is a 2017 candidate for the Mayor of Jersey City. He has around twelve years of experience in public service and Jersey City is close to his heart. For twelve of those years, he served as the city’s Chief Attorney. He announced his candidacy at the end of 2016 and has been campaigning ever since. Mitsikoudis is a democrat and he is taking on the current mayor, Steven Fulop, who is also a democrat.

Bill’s father originally came from Greece but settled in Jersey City and his mother came from Jersey City. In addition to being Greek, his roots to Jersey City are strong because of his mother’s family. Although he lost his father when he was only sixteen years old, he was able to instill in Bill the value of hard work. His goal is to bring these things with him if he is elected as mayor.

He has recently said that he also wants to promote Hellenic values in the office of mayor if he were to be elected. In an interview he gave recently to Hellenic News, he asked the Greek-American community to help him do just that. He said, “I think as Greeks we have an obligation to do whatever we can for the common good. It’s part of our ethos.”

When asked to explain exactly how he’d do that, he mentioned the Greek word, Kefe. “It’s hard to translate but essential to the Hellenic ideal. For me, the right thing is I want to stand up and do something for my community.” He went on to say that, “Hellenism offers America so many things. That’s what we need in society, as citizen, we need to have honor and dignity and know that we have to do the right thing.”

The elections themselves will be held later this year in November of 2017.

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