New York Publisher Releases Book About the Greek Roots of English Words

(New York, United States) – Matina Psyhogeos, a Greek educator and writer, has written a book titled English Words Deriving from the Greek Language that talks about how the Greek language has contributed to the evolution of the English language. Published by Page Publishing, who is based in New York City, this work sheds light on exactly how both the Greek culture and language have impacted modern, English-speaking society. The book also exposes people to the historical elements that led to the adoption of these Greek-origin words into English. The goal is to help people individuals learn more about Greek while also gaining a better understanding of English.

Did you know that there are around 30,000 English words that actually have Greek roots? That number doesn’t even include hybrid words that include borrowed elements from multiple languages in addition to Greek, such as Latin or French. Ms. Psychogeos focuses exclusively on those words that have a 100% Greek origin and also explains how including these words has served to enhance the English language. The book is also written in a lexicon-style format, which gives the definitions of the words as well as detailed information about the Greek roots. There is also an extensive list of root/combining forms with their prefixes and suffixes.

The book is geared towards anyone interested in the English language, including professionals, world lovers, word-puzzle enthusiasts, spelling bee candidates, and students taking tests such as the SAT and LSAT. This book provides anyone a way to gain a greater understanding of English while also expanding their vocabularies considerably. Ms. Psychogeos has also stated that anyone who goes through this book and assimilated the information may realize that they are not only more proficient in English, but also able to speak Greek. Therefore, it is an ideal resource for those who speak, or would like to speak, both English and Greek.

The Greek culture is one of the oldest in the world, and evidence of its influence can be found in places such as art, literature, and architecture. After reading this book, you will also realize the impact that the Greek language has had on English and how it has contributed to its evolution. This book is available for purchase at most major book sellers.


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