Consulate of Greece Announces Boston Marathon Wreath Ceremony

(Boston, Massachusetts, United States) – The Boston Consul General of Greece announced, in partnership with Alpha Omega Council of Boston, announces that the Boston Marathon Wreath Ceremony will take place on April 13, 2017 at 6 PM at 24 Beacon Street in Boston, MA in the Great Hall of the Massachusetts State House.

This event is something that has been taking place every year for over 30 years and is always associated with the Boston Marathon. The ceremony involves presenting the Boston Athletic Association with the olive wreaths that will crown the winners of the marathon for that year. Each wreath is made by hand, and the leaves are grown and hand-cut specifically so they can crown the winners of the Boston Marathon.

The wreaths come from Greece and also serve to memorialize the Ancient Greek tradition of crowning winners of athletic events with these wreaths. Ifgenia Kanara, the Boston Consul General of Greece, said that, “The wreaths from Greece remind everyone of the Marathon’s Greek origins.”

Peter Lemonias, the President of the Alpha Omega Society said that, “The annual Marathon Wreath Ceremony affords an opportunity to celebrate the deep relationship between the BAA, the people of Greece, and the historical significance of the Battle of Marathon.”

There are other parts of the ceremony to enjoy, as well, and there is more to it than just handing over the wreaths to the Boston Athletic Association. The event as a whole honors the Battle of Marathon and the role it played in creating the modern marathon race. There is also an essay competition that local schools participate in. For many, the essay competition is looked at as one of the event’s highlights.

The Marathon Wreath Ceremony began in 1984 by Christos Panagopoulos, the Greek Consul General at the time. The Boston Marathon was established in 1897 and is considered one of the elite worldwide races for runners.


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