Saint Photios Foundation Celebrates Greek Landing Day

st_photios_bldg2(Saint Augustine, Florida, United States) -The Trustees of the Saint Photios Foudation annouce that Greek Landing Day will take place from on June 24, 2016 and June 25, 2016. This 2-day celebration will take place in St. Augustine at St. Photios Greek Orthodox National Shrine. The members of the St. Barbara Philoptochos Chapter and the parishioners of St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Daytona, Florida have planned a weekend of activities witnessing Orthodox Christianity and celebrating the Hellenic Culture. For festival goers, this is a great way to experience the Greek culture and also participate in the Greek community of Saint Augestine!

The festival celebrates the creation of the New Smyrna Colony, which was created by two commissioned ships that originally set sail in late June in the year 1768. The ships had many people on board from different parts of the world, including Greece. Many of these people were indentured servants at the time. Of the new colonists, about 500 of them were from Greece, and the rest were from places such as Corsica and Italy. The festival will commemorate when the original ships first landed to set up the colony, which would later become Saint Augustine.

For many people, the real draw to this celebration will be the food. The Greek Landing Day committee, chaired by Markella Balasis, invites the public to sample four Greek wines and purchase Greek appetizers. These ‘mezedakia plates’ will include spinach pie, meatballs, stuffed grape leaf and feta with a triangle of pita bread for $5.00. Greek coffee and traditional Greek pastries will also be for sale.

In addition from enjoying the festival, Father Joseph will hold services of Supplication to the Virgin Mary at 5:00 p.m. Friday, June 24, in the St. Photios Chapel. . On Saturday, June 25, the faithful will attend matins, the hierarchical Divine Liturgy and the Blessing of the Five Loaves with Bishop Dimitrios of Xanthos, presiding. The V Rev Joseph Samaan will assist. St. Augustine Mayor Nancy Shaver will read the City of St. Augustine Mayoral Proclamation following the colonists’ memorial. Ecclesiastical services begin at 9:00 a.m.


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