Greek-American Christos Marafatsos is Vice-Chair of the National Diversity Coalition

(United States) – A young Greek-American entrepreneur, Christos Marafatsos, has been selected as the Vice-Chair of President Donald Trump’s National Diversity Coalition. His goal as the vice-chair of the coalition is to provide outreach to various demographics, such as the millennial generation as well as entrepreneurs.

According to their official website, the goal of the National Diversity Coalition is to, “support Donald J. Trump and his solutions that address economic disparities, foster job creation, support small businesses, preserve faith and family principals, and strengthen communities with conservative action.” Marafatsos will promote this vision during his time as the vice-chairman of this coalition.

Marafatsos is the son of Greek immigrants and early on in his professional life, decided to become an entrepreneur. In 2011, Bloomberg named him the, “3rd Best Entrepreneur” in the United States under the age of 25. He is also actively involved in politics and has supported Donald Trump since the beginning of his campaign. He is also a political entrepreneur who has independently raised his own funds and has used his influence to promote America values and to help others achieve the American dream.

Prior to Marafatsos joining the National Diversity Coalition as the Vice-Chairman, Omorosa Manigault, who is now the Director of Communications at the White House, held the position. However, she plans to work closely with Marafatsos during his time as Vice-Chair and will maintain close ties to the coalition.

Concerning the Diversity Coalition, Christos has said, “For the first time, we have a president that promises to be a President for all people. As Vice-Chair of the National Diversity Coalition, this allows me to help our team shape and create the many initiatives that our President has promised to preserve and create for the American people.” He also said that, “The capabilities and representation that our executive and advisory team brings to the table isn’t like anything we’ve seen with any past administration. Every community will be heard and represented.”

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