NYC Conservative Party Endorses Nicole Malliotakis for Mayor

(New York City, New York, United States) – As the race to elect the next mayor of New York City heats up, there are a few candidates that have set themselves up as major contenders. Greek-American Nicole Malliotakis is one of those people. Over the past week, the Conservative Party in New York City has endorsed Malliotakis as their preferred candidate for mayor.

Currently, Malliotakis is the GOP Assemblywoman for Staten Island, but at the end of April, she announced her intention to run for NYC Mayor and beat Mayor de Blasio. When county Conservative Party leaders unanimously endorsed her, this gave her campaign a positive boost. However, she needs to get past Paul Massey for the GOP nomination for mayor.

Mike Long, the chairman of the Conservative Party, said that, “The Conservative leaders respect Nicole’s capability as an Assembly person. She understands legislation, the law and budgets and how money is wasted in government.” The Conservative Party also examined whether they should endorse Massey or Bo Dietl, but ultimately they felt that Malliotakis is the better candidate.

Mike Long also addressed the fact that Malliotakis has the support of the people, and they factored that in to their decision of endorsing her. He said, “It was a kind of clear Nicole had great grassroots support even though she got in the race late. She’s going to surprise a lot of people.”

Malliotakis expressed her gratitude when the Conservative Party’s decision was announced in her favor. She said, “I want to thank the Conservative Party for their endorsement today. I have carried their endorsement in every race I’ve run and for that I am very grateful.” She went on to list why she chose to run, and indicated that she felt the city needed to get back on the right track. She concluded by saying that, “Our battle for the GOP nomination will be a debate about principles and policies and the principles I hold will lead us to victory.”

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