National Pollster David Paleologos Starts PAC to Aid Greek-American Political Candidates

(Boston, Massachusetts, United States) – David Paleologos, a Greek-American pollster who is Suffolk University Political Research Center, has started a PAC in order to promote Greek-American political candidates who want to succeed in politics. His mission is to encourage those with Greek ancestry to get into politics. He is now the chairman of this new Political Action Committee.

About this venture, Paleologos said, “It’s about encouraging young Greek-American women and men to run for office.” In addition, he said that ever since Michael Dukakis left politics, things haven’t been the same. He said, “here’s been kind of a void since Mike Dukakis left office.” Paleologos is hoping that with this new PAC, things will change.

The mission of this PAC is to spread the ideals of Hellenism into politics. He said that funds will also be available to those candidates who aren’t of Greek origin but who are devoted to the mission of promoting Hellenism. He also said that the PAC is non-partisan. He said, “It’s like viewing the people who are receiving the support as you would people in your family.”

He was also clear that the PAC wouldn’t conflict with his polling. He said, “The only conflict there would be if someone was running for U.S. president, governor or U.S. Senate.It’s not to elect a Greek president.” However, pushing a candidate onto the national stage isn’t the mission of the PAC. The idea is to promote candidates for positions within Massachusetts. However, depending on how successful this PAC is, he would be open to launching a federal version that would have the goal of assisting candidates on the national political stage.

The idea for this PAC was inspired by David Paleologos’s son, Arthur, who had the idea to encourage young Greek-Americans to get involved with politics. David Paleologos said, “It was a brainchild of my son. He knows that his generation is very skeptical of politicians and politics in general.” They are both hopeful this PAC will change that.


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