Documentary About the Lost Jews of Kastoria Greece is Playing in Los Angeles California

trezoros(Los Angeles, California, United States) – The documentary film, Trezoros: The Lost Jews of Kastoria Greece, is playing at the Laemmle Music Hall Theater in Los Angeles, California until December 1, 2016. The official premier took place on November 29, 2016 but the film has been playing at that venue since November 25. The film talks about the Jewish community in Kastoria that had been living peacefully alongside the Christians in the region for over 2000 years.

During the Nazi occupation of Greece in October of 1940 by the Axis powers, the history of the region changed. Initially, when the Italians occupied the area after it fell to the Axis forces, the Jewish community was left in peace. However, when the Germans took over for the Italians after Mussolini was no longer in power, the fate of the Jewish community was sealed.

The film gets its name, Trezoros, from a term of endearment from within the community that means “treasures.” The documentary itself tells the forgotten story of the Jewish people living in this region. They went from a thriving and peaceful Sephardic community to one that was completely destroyed during the Nazi occupation.

So far, the film has been premiered at festivals in places like London, Cannes, Melbourne, Sydney, and New York City. Reviews have been positive and the film is currently under consideration as a potential nominee for an Academy Award. It was directed by both Lawrence Russo and Larry Confino.

Kastoria is a village in Greece that is in western Macedonia in Greece. As mentioned above, the people’s lives were changed forever in 1940 when Greece was occupied by the Axis powers. Their tragic story is told by using authentic footage that hasn’t been seen before. Before World War II, many communities such as this existed throughout the world and Trezoros brings this one to the forefront. To add to the film’s authenticity, the story itself is told in the words of the survivors who are now residing in places like Athens, Thessaloniki, Tsur Moshe, Tel Aviv, Miami, New York, and Kastoria.



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