Ellas Greek Restaurant Opens in Bradenton Florida

Greek Food(Bradenton, Florida, United States) – A new Greek restaurant called Ellas has opened in Bardenton, Florida this July. At the beginning of the month, they had great success with their soft opening and are now eager to serve the people of the Bradenburg area and beyond. In fact, the soft opening was so successful that people immediately began to flock here through word-of-mouth.

The restaurant owner, Haralambos “Bobby” Stamatopoulos, opened its doors to the public for the first time at the beginning of this month for their soft launch. Stamatopoulos is no stranger to the restaurant business – his family owns the Olive Market in the Bradenburg Flea Market. Stamatopoulos is continuing the tradition of sharing good food with others by staying close to his roots by opening a Greek restaurant, which is housed in an old Kentucky Fried Chicken building.

In fact, Stamatopoulos himself has extensive experience owning and operating restaurants. He moved to Florida from Detroit where he spent years in the restaurant industry. Now, he uses his experience here in Florida to make Ellas a success. He started off helping his family run the Olive Market, a store in the flea market that focuses on Greek imports. He became interested in opening the restaurant because every time he drove by the old Kentucky Fried Chicken building, he knew that it would make a perfect restaurant space.

He said in an interview to the Bradenburg Herald, “My blood pushed me to open another restaurant.” Although he has been involved with around 30 restaurants in his life, he always longed to open a place that felt like home. He also said, “I had 25 to 30 restaurants all my life and this one will be authentic Greek, like I ate at home all of my life.”

Ellas Greek Restaurant is located at 8004 Cortez Road West in Bradenburg, Florida. It’s open from 11 AM to 9 PM on all seven days of the week.

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