Former Greek-American Chef of Varka Opens Eons Greek Restaurant

(New York, New York, United States) – George Georgiades, the former chef of the restaurant, Varka Estatorio in Ramsey, New Jersey, has now opened a new Greek restaurant called Eons. The premise behind Eons is to offer delicious, healthy Greek foods in a quick-serve setting. The restaurant is now officially open for business.

According to the website, the restaurant’s mission is, “to provide great quality healthy Greek food accessible to everyone for an affordable price at a fast pace. Chef George Georgiades has led some of best Greek kitchens and is happy to bring quality quickly, customized and affordable to everyone!” While the recipes are classic, people can improvise to suit their own tastes.

As the chef of Varka Estatorio, he enjoyed being part of the team at a popular fine-dining restaurant in the northern Jersey Shore. However, he wanted a change of pace and has gone back to his Greek roots. The website says that, “The EONS spiral symbol is the symbol for life incorporated in the motive of EONS as is provides food for life.” Georgiades wants to share the healthy Greek diet with others.

About Georgiades, the general manager of Eons, Stavros Angelakos, said that, “f he does well, it only reflects well on us, that he was part of our team for so long.” He also went on to describe the food, saying that, “They’re all classic recipes.” The food is also very healthy, the way the cuisine is in Greece.

When describing his career change, Georgiades says, “I thought I was Superstar George — I was going to open and there was going to be a line.” He also said, “When I told my wife I took over this restaurant, I felt alive again for the first time in 10 years. I’m taking chances, instead of doing the same thing over and over.”

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