Ypapanti Greek Food Festival in East Pittsburgh, PA Takes Place August 18-21, 2016

East Pittsburgh Greek Food Festival(East Pittsburgh, PA, United States) – The Ypapanti Greek Food Festival in East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is scheduled to take place from August 18 ,2016 to August 21, 2016 at the Olympia Hall on Electric Avenue. On all days of the festival, it will begin at 11 AM and from Thursday – Saturday, the festival will end at 10 PM. On Sunday, the festival will go until 7 PM.

This festival is a great chance for people in the Pittsburgh area to enjoy aspects of the Greek culture. They can participate in Greek-related events such as eating Greek food, watching the folk dance performers, and enjoying the live Greek entertainment. Festival guests can order their food and enjoy eating it in one of the many areas that are designed for their enjoyment, such as the Grecian Gardens.

Food menu items include dinner foods such as souvlaki, fish plaki, and lamb shanks. There will also be other traditional foods on the menu, such as moussaka, pastitso, tiropita, and dolmades. People can also enjoy Greek pastries such as baklava, diples, and koulourakia. The outdoor Grecian Garden also has an area where you can purchase quick foods, such as souvlaki sandwiches and gyros. There is also an indoor dining room.

The festival also celebrates Greece’s rich entertainment heritage. Dance demonstrations will be performed by the Grecian Odyssey Dancers of Ypapanti on all days of the festival, several times a day. There will also be an opportunity for festival guests to join in on the dancing. They encourage everyone to dance! Those who don’t know the steps simply need to grab the end of the line and leave the front of the line for the experienced dancers. The dancers will also showcase their traditional, regional costumes. The Junior Olympian Dancers will also perform.

Both parking and admission are free. Festival organizers look forward to having another successful year!

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