Greek-American George Gigicos Appointed Deputy Assistant to the President


(United States) – President Elect Donal Trump has has appointed George Gigicos, a Greek-American, as the Deputy Assistant to the President and the Director of Advance. His appointment was officially announced on Thursday, January 4, 2017. Gigicos supported President Elect Trump early on in his presidential campaign and also became a member of the advance team that was associated with the campaign.

As part of his role with the Trump campaign, he was responsible for organizing some of the events as well as managing the staff members that coordinated the rallies that Trump held throughout the country. At one point, he was responsible for managing a staff of around 100 while organizing these rallies. Now, he is a member of the President Elect’s staff.

Gigicos attended Birmingham Southern College in Birmingham, Alabama. While there, he got experience planning events and also political campaigns, two tasks he took on while attending his classes. At this time while he was a student, he worked for the Treasury Department doing advance planning during George H.W. Bush’s administration.

He graduated from college in 1990 and after school, he took on a job utilizing his event planning experience. He became an event planner for the Orange County Convention Center, which is located in Florida. After doing this for a few years, he started a new job in 1999 at Telion Corporation, a firm that specializes in event design, as well as other related tasks. When he was part of this company, he worked in advance planning during George W. Bush’s administration and was eventually involved in the presidential campaigns of Mitt Romney and John McCain.

Gigicos is also heavily involved with the Greek community. Although he was born in the United States, his ancestors came from Kalamata. As part of his mission during the Trump presidential campaign, he has spent some time appealing to other Greek-Americans that Trump is concerned about Greek issue. Gigicos is concerned about international issues such as the Greek debt.


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