New Boston MA Restaurant Gre Co to Open

177831865(Boston, MA, United States) – Demetri Tsolakis, the owner of the Committee Restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts, is planning to open a new casual Greek eatery in the Back Bay area of the city. The restaurant will feature traditional Greek foods and desserts, such as loukoumades, in a friendly and low-key environment. The restaurant will be located at 225 Newbury Street where the Scissors & Pie establishment used to be. The new restaurant will be called Gre.Co.

Tsoloakis and business partner, George Aboujaoude, opened Committee as a way to celebrate the rich cuisine of the Mediterranean. They also have an impressive cocktail list, filled with unique drinks that were developed by their own mixologists. The restaurant inhabits a space that is over 5000 square feet in area, which gives guests ample space to enjoy the food and cocktails while creating a friendly, open atmosphere. Aboujaoude also owns Cafeteria Boston, which is located on Newbury Street, and the Bijou Nightclub on the Theater district.

When Committee was first scheduled to open, Aboujaoude said, “I just think it’s a great area to be invested in and to get our foot in the door…I feel like there’s so much more to come.” Tsolakis also said that they were going for an intimate, community feel.

The new restaurant, Gre.Co, will also have a casual feel. However, although Committee does have Greek food, Gre.Co will be a little bit more traditional. Committee is inspired by the Mediterranean as a whole. The food at the restaurant will also be fast. A representative for the new restaurant said that it will feature, “slow-cooked delicacies and hand-crafted desserts for life on the go.” The loukoumades, which are a Greek-style donut that are smothered in honey, are expected to be a delicacy. The restaurant is scheduled to open at the end of the summer in 2016.

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