Greenville South Carolina Greek Church Will Host Its Greek Festival This Weekend

SaintGeorgeCathedral(Greenville, South Carolina, United States) – The Greenville, South Carolina Greek Orthodox Church is currently hosting its springtime Greek Festival, which began on Thursday, May 19, 2016 and ends on Sunday, May 21. This festival, which takes place on the grounds of Saint George Greek Orthodox Cathedral in downtown Greenville, is an annual event that the community as a whole, not just the Greek community, looks forward to each year. This is a chance for the members of the church to extend their hospitality to the rest of the Greenville community by giving them a chance to experience the tastes, sights, and sounds of the Greek culture. All proceeds will be used to help fund the day-to-day operations of the church.

Although people look forward to all aspects of the festival, the food is definitely a highlight and parish members made sure to give people plenty of choices ranging from savory to sweet items. Popular savory menu items include gyros, lamb, dolmades, spanakopita, and much more. Dessert options include baklava, diples, and loukoumades. There is both indoor and outdoor dining available at this festival. The food will be served in the dining area of the cathedral’s Hellenic Center. In addition to dining at the festival, you can also grab food to-go and also order from the drive-in menu for a quick bite to eat. There will also be a Kafeneion, or outdoor coffee shop, that will serve both Greek and American coffees. Wine is also available to drink at the festival. Greek music will also be part of the festival.

Festival organizers look at it as a way to share the Greek culture with the people of the area, as well as members of the Greek community who have actually never been to Greece. There are also plenty of people who come from all over the surrounding area who aren’t part of the Greek community. All told, thousands of people are expected to join the festivities. This is also an opportunity for people to learn more about the Orthodox faith. There will be tours of the cathedral every 20 minutes and people are invited to ask questions. There are also activities for the kids, such as a face-painting station and an artist drawing caricature portraits.


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