LA Greek Festival Will Honor Jim Gianopulos with Orpheus Award

LA Greek Film Fest(Los Angeles, California, United States) – Jim Gianopulos, the Twentieth Century Fox Chairman and CEO, will receive the Orpheus Award at the 10th Annual Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, which will take place on June 5, 2016. Gianopulos is the second Orpheus Award recipient to be announced for this year’s Greek Festival. J.K. Simmons, who won the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for the film Whiplash, will also receive the award during this year’s festival. J.K. Simmons stars in “World’s Apart”, the film that will close the evening’s festivities. “World’s Apart” was written by Christopher Papakaliatis and was thehighest grossing Greek film since 2009. Both Gianopulos and Simmons will attend the ceremony, which takes place on June 5 and will be hosted be Mena Suvari, the main actress in the film, “American Beauty.” The Orpheus Awards are produced by Dorothea Paschalidou and directed by Yorgos Karamihos. The festival will run from June 1 to June 5, 2016.

The Los Angeles Greek Film Festival is dedicated to showcasing Greek films from both Greece and Cyrprus and also celebrating the works of film makers throughout the world who are of Greek descent. The Orpheus Awards were named after the Ancient Greek poet, Orpheus, who was also referred to as, “The Father of Songs.” The goal of the prize is to honor the best of the best when it comes to Greek cinema. The Los Angeles Greek Film Festival began and 2007 and since then, this award has been a major part of the festivities. The goal of the award is to highlight those who have influence concerning media and with Greek film. This is the only aspect of the festival that isn’t decided on by the panel of judges who are in place to judge the film submissions. The award itself was designed by the Greek artist, Miltos Papastergiou.

Each year, the festival has increased in popularity. During this 2016 season, the festival organizers have said that they are particular impressed with the lineup of films. They have said on their website, that the festival, “is witnessing a new wave of Greek Cinema emerging from an irreverent generation of young filmmakers who insist on breaking ties with past trends and seeing things in their own unique way.” The LA Greek Film Festival is in place to give these films a place to have their work recognized.


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