John Sakkas’ Grecian Delight Restaurant in Bellevue Nebraska Celebrates 35th Anniversary

(Bellevue, Nebraska, United States) – John’s Grecian Delight, a restaurant opened by John Sakkas in the Southroads Mall in 1981, now the Southroads Technology Center, is celebrating its 35th anniversary. This restaurant is open six days a week, and despite the fact that the center isn’t as busy as it once was, it is still a favorite restaurant. John not only has a loyal following of people who visit regularly, but plenty of newcomers stop in every day.

Besides celebrating a milestone anniversary, the restaurant also participates in other events. For instance, Garret Sims, a teacher at the Fairview Elementary School and also the moderator of the “Taste of Bellevue” group on Facebook organized one of their events to take place at John’s Grecian Delight. This event was titled “Cook’s Night Out” and took place last Thursday. Fifteen percent of the sales from the event were set aside to benefit the Fairview Elementary School

This event offered even more people the chance to experience even more of John’s tasty Greek food. The people in attendance sampled a selection of the traditional Greek cuisine at John’s restaurant. They could choose from items such as gyros, chicken sandwiches, and burgers. The menu has a mix of American and Greek cuisine.

Sakkas said that people visit the restaurant to sample his Greek cuisine. He said, “They go there and they try the Greek food and they come here and they’re looking for me.” He also volunteers his gyro machine at nearby Offutt Air Force Base a few times each year and to thank him, they gave him a trophy in the shape of a gyro. He said, “They thank me for what I do, and I thank them for what they’re doing for us,” Sakkas said. “We need more of these people.”

He also said that he truly loves his job and loves getting to know people. He said, ““For me this job is not to make money but to enjoy life. I see people every day that make me happy and I love these people that come here every day.” He says that he will remain in business as long as people still enjoy his restaurant. Overall, he has no plans to slow down.


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