John Stamos’ Ancestry to Be Featured on an Episode of “Who Do You Think You Are”

(United States) – John Stamos, a Greek-American actor, will be featured in an episode in the ninth season of TLC’s show, Who Do You Think You Are? In each episode, the show features the ancestry of a different celebrity. This season begins on March 5, but the episode schedule for the season has yet to be released.

Each episode is designed with the goal of exposing the celebrities to aspects of their family history of which they may not be aware. In the episode that features John Stamos, he will travel to Greece with the goal of exploring his roots. According to his Wikipedia entry, it states that John was born in California but it references his Greek heritage. The trailer for the season alludes to the fact that John discovers that one of his ancestors was involved in a murder back in Greece.

The TLC show’s goal is to show each of these celebrities elements of their family trees of which they may be unaware. The show does this by taking them on a journey to the lands where their family originated in order to expose them to things that may have been forgotten or hidden through the generations.

During the prayer, John wonders why, if his ancestors have such pride in who they are and where they came from, did they decide to move away from Greece? Perhaps the show will provide these answers for him. John’s last name, Stamos, was shortened from its longer Greek version of Stamatopoulos when they came to the United States.

Other celebrities who will be featured this season include Courtney Cox, Liv Tyler, Smoky Robinson, and Jessica Biel. Celebrities featured in past seasons include Sara Jessica Parker, Brooke Shields, Lionel Richie, and Rob Lowe. The show will premier on March 5, 2017 on the TLC network at 10 PM Eastern and Pacific time.

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