Marios Tsellos of Greece to Join International Colonials 2016 New England Basketball Tour

(Walpole, Massachusetts, United States) – 16 year old Marios Tsellos of Tripoli, Greece has been selected  to represent Greece on the 2016 International Colonials located in Boston, USA.  Marios Tsellos is a current basketball player for the Arkadikos BC. Supporters are enchouraged to support and make donations on behalf of the International Colonials.

From the online fundraising campaign:

We appreciate your interest in our 2016 International Colonials New England Tour.

In June, we will welcome high school age players from around the world to Boston for the start of a three-week basketball tour of the six New England states. Our young international guests will  be hosted by New England families during their time here. They will compete against good high school and AAU teams at each stop on the tour.

The International Colonials program is sponsored by the New England Colonials International Basketball Club, a nonprofit, all volunteer program founded in 1979.

This summer’s International Colonials New England Tour will be part of our year-long celebration of the 125th Anniversary of the invention of Basketball. Born in Massachusetts in 1891, the great game of basketball has since been adopted by the world.

Your contribution will be used to support the young players and coaches listed below during their time in New England this summer.

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