Greek American Melina Kanakaredes Has a Recurring Role on ABC’s Notorious

notorious(United States) – Melina Kanakaredes, a Greek American actress, is returning to the cast of ABC’s Notorious as her recurring character, Dana Hartman. Kanakaredes recently signed a contract accepting the recurring role. This means that although she will be a regular on the show, it is unclear just how long she will be recurring as that particular character.

Melina is a second generation Greek American. She grew up in Ohio and she started her acting career in 1991. Her first television role took place on the soap opera, Guiding Light. From there, she secured other roles, such as Stella  CSI: NY, and Providence for long term roles. She has also made guest appearances on the show, Extant. She has added Notorious to her list of credits. She married another Greek American, Peter Constantinides and they have two daughters.

Notorious centers around the relationship between Mark Geragos, a criminal defense attorney, and Wendy Walker, the executive producer of the Larry King Live show. The two are presently in a relationship in real life, and the series is based on them. The show offers people a glimpse of not only their relationship, but on the justice system in the United States as well as the media.

Kanakaredes plays the character, Dana, who has had successful career in broadcasting but was caught up in several scandals. She is portrayed as intelligent and witty, but as also having a temper. The show portrays her character as being caught up in a few scandals. Viewers can glimpse how these scandals have changed the course of Dana’s life. Her role on the show started seven years after those scandals took place. The scandals took place at the height of her career and after that, her career plummeted. She enters on the scene in Notorious well after the scandals occurred.

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