National Hellenic Student Association (NHSA) to Host Fall 2016 Convention in Boston, MA

Print(Boston, Massachusetts, United States) – The National Hellenic Student Association, or NHSA, will host its Fall 2016 Semi Annual Convention in Boston, Massachusetts from November 4, 2016 to November 6, 2016. The NHSA is an organization that is made up of students throughout the United States who are all of Greek descent. The conference will host students who are in undergraduate and graduate programs who are all active in their universities’ various Hellenic societies. The goal of the conference is to give these students a forum where they can meet and address issues related to the Greek diaspora from all over the country.

Registration for the event is currently open. Tickets won’t be available at the door so it’s essential that people buy them ahead of the event. There are three rates available – one for Saturday’s conference, one for all of the weekend’s event, and a rate that includes all the weekend’s events plus the hotel stay. For those who want to attend the Greek nights on Friday and Saturday only, there are also packages for those.

According to the official NHSA website, the organization has, “provided guidance, career advice, mentorship, and life-long opportunities, in tandem with local Hellenic organizations, to North American citizens of Hellenic descent for over ten years. NHSA has been uniting and offering resources to Greeks, Greek/Cypriot-Americans, Greek/Cypriot-Canadians, and Philhellenes since its inception in 2004.” They also have, “several initiatives and programs, the largest of which is our semi-annual conventions taking place in the fall and spring.”

For those who are traveling a considerable distance and who don’t have the money to attend the conference, there may be an opportunity to receive a scholarship for the event. The NHSA is also devoted to hosing their conferences in different locations throughout the country, especially where there is an established Greek community. The Spring 2016 conference took place in Baltimore, Maryland.


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