Nikos Poulopoulos Awarded Fellowship at University of Missouri – Saint Louis (UMSL) to Research Greek Migration

(Saint Louis, Missouri, United States) – Dr. Nikos Poulopoulos, a visiting Professor of European Studies at the University of Missouri at Saint Louis, also known as UMSL, has been awarded a fellowship in order to continue his research on Greek migration. Dr. Poulopoulos was originally fro Corinth in Greece but was educated in the United States. He first studied Classics and Archaeology at the University of California at Berkeley and then Modern Greek and Philology at Harvard University. He went on to become a professor and is currently at UMSL.

Dr. Poulopoulos has been with the Department of History at UMSL. He has a deep interest in history and language, particularly that of Greece. According to his biography on the UMSL website, Dr. Poulopoulos is interested “in the history of ideas and the cultural history and poetics of Greece in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, particularly narratives of crypto-colonialism, bio-mythologies and reception studies.”

As part of his work, he is devoted to research Greek migration patterns as a way to understand a phenomenon referred to as, “Greece’s brain drain,” where individuals from Greece who have received a high-level education often leave Greece in order to find work. Essentially, the Greek government educates these individuals and after they receive an education, they end up leaving Greece to work in their fields.

Dr. Poulopoulos is working with a researcher from the University of Ohio. They were one of twelve teams to have submitted a proposal for the fellowship. Dr. Poulopoulos’s research project was selected. He said, “t’s been a really interesting process. I was picked by some people who I’ve never met before but who were familiar with my research.” He also said that, ““We’re going to be providing all the historical background and research and all the archival resources and exhibit materials, both for migration in and out of Greece.”

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