Orexi Grill Opens in Bellmore, Maryland

Greek appetizer

Greek appetizer

(Bellmore, Maryland, United States) – Orexi, a grill restaurant that has both Greek and American influences, is now open for business in Baltimore, Maryland. The restaurant, which is in the space where the Greek Delight restaurant once was, is influenced by both cultures. However, much of the menu does include classic Greek favorites, such as loukaniko and souvlaki.

Nick Amarantinis, the owner, has said that, “Owning a restaurant has always been my dream. We’re trying to do some authentic Greek here, but also some American, too.” This is his first restaurant, but he is no stranger to working in a restaurant environment. He had his first kitchen job at Tiffany’s, now called Matteo’s, which was located in Bellmore, Maryland. Since that first job, he has always worked in diners, restaurants, and bakeries. Opening Orexi fulfills his lifelong dream.

The menu has a nice variety of foods from both Greek and American cuisines. Greek dishes as gyros, moussaka, pastitso, and lamb shank are on the menu as well as Greek starters, such as skordalia and grilled octopus. American-style food, such as grilled chicken sandwagies, veggie wraps, and skirt steak are also available. The menu is a reflection of Amarantinis’ Greek-American roots. He explained that he chose the name because Orexi is the Greek word for appetite and “kali orexi”, means “bon appétit”.

Guests at the restaurant are welcome to bring their own wine. However, Orexi doesn;t have a liquor license. In addition to being able to dine in the restaurant, you can also get takeout or even have your meal delivered, as long as it’s over $15. The restaurant is located at 2601 Merric Road in Bellmore, Maryland.  The restaurant is open on Sundays from 12 PM to 9 PM and Mondays through Saturdays from 11 AM to 10 PM. Call in advance to make a reservation but walk-ins are also welcome.


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