Philadelphia Chapter of the IOCC Benefit Raises Money for Humanitarian Aid

iocc(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States) – The Greater Philadelphia Committee of IOCC announces that its Fifth Annual Benefit Banquet, held to benefit the IOCC, has been held at Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Church of Valley Forge in Jeffersonville, Pennsylvania. The event, which was held to support the International Orthodox Christian Charity’s many humanitarian relief programs, was considered a success.

The event was presided by the Master of Ceremonies, Anthony Pantazopoulos, who is the Chairman of the Greater Philadelphia Committee of IOCC. The evening began with an opening prayer given by V. Reverend Archimandrite Ambrose Bitziadis-Bowers and then after that, Pantazopoulos officially began the evening. He thanked everyone who played a part in planning the event, as well as those who were in attendance. He also thanked the media for bringing the works of the IOCC to the attention of people in the Greek community as well as the Philadelphia area as a whole.

Mr. Pantazolpoulos also spent some time explaining how the IOCC works. He explained that 92% of all the resources that the IOCC has, including its fiscal donations, are used for direct humanitarian aid and relief. He also explained that for every dollar that is donated, that helps secure an additional amount of around $7 from governments, foundations, and other organizations. So, those who donate are not only directly supporting the charity’s programs, but also helping to secure additional funds.

There were over 250 guests who attended the benefit. Since the 2012, the IOCC as a whole has given aid to around 4 million people located throughout the world who all needed humanitarian support. Mr. Pantzopoulos has also said that, “We now have 21 Pan Orthodox Churches that support our efforts. The important thing to remember is that the IOCC is a humanitarian relief program.” It is through donations and also benefits such as these that the charity is able to help so many people.

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