Photo Exhibit at the National Hellenic Museum Focuses on the 1896 Olympic Games

1896 Olympic Games(Chicago, Illinois, United States) – A new photo exhibit, located at the National Hellenic Museum in Chicago, Illinois, highlights moments from the first modern Olympic Games, which took place in Athens, Greece in 1896. During these Olympics, organizers created the modern Olympic Games after the tradition that first began in Ancient Greece all those centuries ago. This exhibit has been made possible by the Benaki Museum, which is located in Athens, Greece in order to honor the 120th anniversary of the Modern Olympics. This exhibit highlights moments from the 1896 Olympics, and in the process, also honors the place Greece has played in the Olympics all those centuries ago.

The first ever Olympics were held in Ancient Greece in 776 BC in Olympia, and it drew thousands of participants and spectators from all over the ancient world. The Ancient Olympic Games brought in trained athletes and participants from all over Greece. Back then, Greece was split into many self-governed city-states who were often in conflict with each other. Each city-state vowed to put their conflicts aside in order to participate in the games in a spirit of friendly competition. The Ancient Olympics came to an end in 35 BC when the Roman Empire invaded Greece. Since the games were associated with a pagan festival, the Roman Emperor Theodosius the Great banned the games. That was around 1500 years ago.

The exhibit, which is on loan from the Benaki Museum in Athens, features a variety of photographs that were taken by Albert Meyer, who was the official photographer of the 1896 Olympics. These photographs depict scenes from the games and give us a chance to see what the first Olympics were like. Photographs include action shots of the athletes participating in their sports as well as photographs of many of the victors. The Benaki Museum is considered one of the best cultural centers in Greece. They are focused on protecting and promoting the Greek culture, as well as showcase the importance of Greek history and culture on the rest of the world. The display also features a digital display that shares snippets from past Olympics. The exhibit also honors members of the first American Olympics Team that participated in the 1896 Olympic Games.


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