Sioux City Iowa Greek Festival to Take Place This Weekend

Sioux City Iowa Greek Festival 2016(Sioux City, Iowa, United States) – The Greek Festival at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Sioux City, Iowa is scheduled to take place this weekend from July 29, 2016 to July 31, 2016. This is the festival’s sixteenth year and each time it is held, it keeps on getting better! This festival is a great way for people in the community, both Greeks and non-Greeks alike, to get together and celebrate the Greek culture. As part of the festival, guests can enjoy traditional Greek dancing, delicious Greek food that has been prepared by festival volunteers, and Greek music.

However, in addition to all the usual things, there are some different things that will be added to the list. In particular, they’re adding a new service that will allow people to more easily pick up meals for takeout. There is now a drive-thru that will be available on 6th Street. The menu at the drive-thru, however, will be limited. They’ve also added a chicken gyro option in addition to the traditional gyros.

Even though there are plenty of activities, guests really enjoy the food. In addition to takeout options, guests can sit and enjoy them at the festival while listening to the music and even dancing! Menu items include gyros, including the new chicken gyro, lamb, souvlaki, and pastitso. There will also be Greek desserts, such as baklava, baklava sundaes, and an assortment of Greek pastries. Guests can also drink Greek beer, wine, and spirits such as Ouzo.

The festival will be held at the grounds of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Sioux City, Iowa at 6th and Jennings. On Friday, July 29 the festival will be open from 5 PM to 10 PM, Saturday, July 30, from 11 AM to 10 PM, and Sunday, July 31 from 11 AM to 6 PM. All proceeds will be used to benefit the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. There will also be some church tours available for those who wish to learn about the Orthodox faith and glimpse the inside of the church.


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