Cynthia Pougiales Shares Traditional Greek Foods Through Her Skull Creek Food Truck

skull-creek-greek(Skull Creek, Colorado, United States) – Cynthia Pougiales, the owner of the Skull Creek Greek Cafe, looks at her Skull Creek Greek ‘Wagon-AGO-Go’ food truck as a way to share traditional Greek foods with people in the Skull Creek community as well as the surrounding area. The official website describes the food truck as a, “Cultural Curiosity” that was made from a refurbished food wagon that was used by shepherds. Today, it is used by the Skull Creek Greek to serve up some tasty Greek foods. Offerings include gyros, souvlaki, Greek salad, the traditional Greek village salad, spanakopita, and desserts such as baklava.

Pougiales also looks at the cart as a way to inform people about traditional Greek food. She said, “I wanted to really bring to the front some heritage tourism and talk about the Greek community.” She first opened the Skull Creek Greek Cafe back in 2013, and the food truck followed after that. The community immediately embraced what she had to offer. She said, “We have a good, healthy product and we have real fresh food,” she says. “We’re fast, and people like it. It’s usually folks on the go.”

The food wagon is constantly on the go, but it does have some consistent, regular stops. It can be found at the Steamboat Springs Farmers Market, the Steamboat Free Summer Concerts, and parked at West Lincoln Park, as well as several other locations.

Pougiales has also said that she loves running both the cafe and the food truck. An architect by trade, she says she loves sharing Greek food with others and that she loves running the cafe and truck because it’s fun! She says, “I love my staff, and we all have a blast, and I think that transfers to the customer experience — that we’re just having fun.”

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