Greek Owned Somerset Industries Releases New SMS-60 Meat Shredder Machine

(Lowell, MA, United States) – Somerset Industries ( announces the launch of its newest product, the Somerset SMS-60 Meat Shredder, which shreds chicken, beef, and pork more efficiently and has the potential of greatly growing your business’s profits. This machine was developed for businesses to maximize their output while also implementing increased safety measures within their kitchen environments. The Somerset SMS-60 Meat Shredder is invaluable because it shreds meat in less than half the time of the traditional process.

Offering a manual crank operation, the Somerset SMS-60 Meat Shredder has a simple, compact design that is easy to clean and even easier to use, as it reduces the need for bulkier, more expensive equipment. Even as it requires manual action, its efficiency outweighs shredding by hand. The design offers greater safety as it creates an environment that prevents hands and arms from being exposed to sharp blades.

Characteristic kitchen utensils are exceedingly dangerous due to the sharp edges that are incredibly close for possible skin contact. Using the Somerset SMS-60 Meat Shredder increases personal safety and operating efficiency as the shredded meat has a uniformly authentic appearance, which is difficult to achieve by means of hand-held kitchen utensils. The Somerset SMS-60 Meat Shredder will therefore increase efficiency and production while minimizing labor hours and maximizing profits.

You can discover more about the Somerset SMS-60 Meat Shredder, or one of the many other pieces of Somerset specialty restaurant equipment, at an upcoming restaurant industry trade show near you! Somerset representatives interact with our customers on a hands-on, personal basis, demonstrating and discussing new products, like the SMS-60 Meat Shredder, informing of updated features and modifications to current equipment, and listening to valued feedback while speaking to the new designs and innovations soon to be on the market. Somerset Industries will be at the NRA trade show in Chicago Illinois from May 21st to May 24th, the Southwest Food Service Expo in Houston, TX on June 26th and June 27th, and the Western Food Service and Hospitality Expo in Anaheim, CA from August 28th to August 30, 2016. The full 2016 trade show schedule can be found on the Somerset Industries website:

Somerset Industries, Inc. specializes in providing high quality restaurant equipment for the food service industry. They have been in business for over 60 years and they are well known for their standards of innovation, reliability, and performance. Caterers, bakeries, and restaurants all rely on Somerset’s products, such as their dough rollers, dough presses, dough sheeters, and other specialty restaurant equipment, because they trust the high standard of excellence that the company offers the industry. Their machines are all easy to clean, reduce workplace labor costs, and are extremely dependable. More detailed information about the Somerset SMS-60 Meat Shredder can be found on the Somerset Industries website:


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