Sophia’s Greek Pantry North Opens in Lowell MA

Greek Pantry Lowell(Lowell, MA, United States) – On April 6, Sophia’s Greek Pantry North opened in Lowell’s iconic Acre neighborhood, which has housed many Greek immigrants throughout the years. For decades, this community was the home to a popular area Greek marketing, but after several decades of operation, the market closed, leaving a hole in the Greek community in the area. There are still several Greek Orthodox Churches in the neighborhood, as well as the Hellenic American School. Many of the Greeks living in the area eventually founded Sophia Georgoulopoulos’ Greek pantry in Belmont, MA. Realizing that there was a need for a market such as hers, Ms. Georgoulopoulos decided to set up shop in the location of the original store on 477 Market Street.

Sophia has a history of taking old Greek stores and using her love of the Greek culture to give them new life. Her first store is located in Belmont, MA and when she first obtained it, she quickly gave it her magic touch. She started selling her homemade baked goods, homemade Greek yogurt, and other Greek treats in addition to imported Greek products. People realized that she offered something special to the community and began visiting her store from other New England Greek communities. Some of her customers encouraged her to open another location in the empty storefront in Lowell, and she is already amazed at the reception she’s received.

Although Sophia is still running her Belmont store with her children, George, Valerie, and Kostas, the Lowell location is still a family operation. Magi Lindeman, Kostas’ fiance, who is actually a native of Lowell, MA, is in charge of Sophia’s Greek Pantry North. Sophia’s reputation, however, is enough to get people to the new store. Her Belmont store is rated at a solid 5 stars out of 81 reviews on Yelp. People rave about all of her homemade creations, with the homemade yogurt being a particular favorite. The Lowell location has most of the same products that have made the Belmont location so popular, such as homemade loukaniko, yogurt, and baked goods. The baked goods are made fresh each day.

Sophia’s Greek Pantry North is open Tuesday through Saturday, from 9 AM to 7 PM. It’s also open on Sundays from 11 AM to 5 PM. It’s currently closed on Mondays.


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