Stellas Greek Restaurant to Open New Branch After The Westendorff Closes in Charleston, South Carolina

stellas-stuffed-peppers(Charleston, South Carolina, United States) – Stellas, a popular restaurant in Richmond SC, will open another location after the Westendorff closes in Charleston, SC. The Westendorff will serve its last meal on October 16, 2016 and after that, the location will close for a few months after Stellas will be remodeled. It is scheduled to open once again at the beginning of 2017.

Steven Niketas, the owner of Stellas’ Richmond location, is partnering with some of his friends to open the restaurant in its newest location. Johnny and Katrina Giavos, as well Katrina’s mother, Stella Dikos, will be assisting Niketas with the new project. Stella Dikos is a long time restaurant owner – she opened her first in 1983.

Niketas spent some time describing the new project. He said, “We spent this last summer working on details, and the more (Johnny)’s here, the more he’s convinced that something that offers true diversity in dining is what is in order. He feels strongly that we could make a difference in the dining scene if we offered something truly different.”

Stellas is well known in the Richmond area not only for its Greek food, but also for giving people a chance to enjoy the Greek culture as a whole. They run a happy hour during the work day that has a taverna theme, something that guests really seem to enjoy. They also serve traditional Greek dishes such as moussaka and souvlaki.

Niketas also said, “I’m excited about the opportunity, even though I feel like we’ve had a great run. I’ve never felt more supported in any business I’ve started anywhere. It felt like people were pulling for us, and that’s why I’m not afraid to close for a few months and give this building a clear identity.”

The restaurant will be closed for several months as the give the restaurant a completely new look. It will open again in 2017.


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