Greek Journalist Becomes Ambassador of Goodwill

NIKOLOULI-696x696(Tennessee, United States) – Angeliki Nikolouli, an investigative journalist from Greece, has been appointed the Ambassador of Goodwill by the State of Tennessee. Nikolouli was born in Pyrgos, in Illia, Greece. She has been a journalist for over thirty years and in the process of her career, she has had a front row seat to some of the most notable events of our time. She has worked for newspapers in Patras and Athens and has also worked on various magazines and also on television. Her specialty has been combative journalism, and because of her valuable work over the years, Tennessee honored her by appointing her their Ambassador of Goodwill.


The honor was awarded to her in a presentation by Bill Haslan, the Governor of Tennessee on the set of her show, “Light in the Tunnel,” or “Fos sto Tunnel” in Greece. Father Theodore Kyritsis, a Greek Orthodox Priest Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Atlanta, gave her the award, which was depicted as a golden seal. Nikolouli thanked Governor Hadlan for the honor and has said that she will visit Tennessee to thank him personally.

The show has been on the air for twenty years and is currently in the Guinness Book of World Records. The show features an investigative look at missing persons cases, usually involving children and the elderly. Angeliki Niolouli is the presenter and editor in chief of the show. Most of the stories featured on the show highlight those who went missing under strange circumstances and whose disappearance has been reported by police. In fact, the website for the show states that they have, “played a significant role in the investigation of twenty two murders.” The State of Tennessee decided to award her with the honor of becoming the Ambassador of Goodwill after learning about her journalistic work and the positive impact that she has made on society.

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