Greek-Americans George and Olga Tsunis Establish Cancer Research Fellowship

(Stony Brook, New York, United States) – George and Olga Tsunis, two Greek-Americans, have recently established a cancer research fellowship at Stony Brook University to facilitate cancer prevention research. George Tsunis is the  founder, chairman, and CEO of Chartwell Hotels, and his company manages and develops hotels in the Hilton, Marriot, and Intercotinental Hotels Group franchises. George and his wife, Olga, are devoted to further cancer research and prevention.

The purpose of the Tsunis Fellowship for Cancer Prevention is attract a top scholar from Greece or an individual from elsewhere who is of Greek descent. The intent is for this individual to do cancer research at the university and then return to Greece with the intent of using his knowledge to help aid Greece in overcoming its current economic challenges. The Fellow will further their knowledge about cancer and learn all about the newest drugs and how they can be used for cancer prevention and research.

Mr. Tsunis said that, “Imagine if the George and Olga Fellow working alongside a Greek American contributed to the ultimate goal of preventing or curing cancer. That would be remarkable achievement for Olga and me as well as the Greek community.”

The President of Stony Brook University, Samuel L. Stanley, “Stony Brook’s cancer research enterprise will be further propelled by the passion and generosity of Olga and George Tsunis. Their leadership by example will inspire and enable a new generation of Greek researchers and collaborators who, along with Stony Brook, strive toward the bold pursuit of a world without cancer.”

The Fellow is scheduled to work at the Stony Brook Cancer, which is headed by Director Yusuf Hannun MD. The Center is at the top of its field and heads many projects that advance cancer research. The Fellowship is a chance for this scholar to learn in this environment.


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