Greek Architect Designs first U-Shaped Skyscraper for New York City

(New York City, New York, United States) – Ioannis Oikonomou, an architect from Greece, is creating the world’s first u-shaped skyscraper in New York City. While many architects focus on building skyscrapers that reach taller and taller, Oiconomou has set out to create something truly original. Oionomou and his firm, Oiio studios, are designing not only the world’s first sky scraper that is shaped as “u” but the hope is to also build the world’s longest building. When measuring the skyscraper from one end to the other, it will total 4000 feet.

The skyscraper will be incredibly thin, as if a regular skyscraper were cut in half. This elongated design will be formed in a u-shape that resembles the hill on a roller coaster. It will also be the first u-shaped building of its kind in the world. It will also  be about 200 feet taller than the World Trade Center buildings. Its unique shape is one of the reasons why it has been dubbed “The Big Bend.”

Currently, the building itself is only in the design phase but Oikonomou is looking for investors to help make this building a reality. The proposed location for this unique building is close to Central Park in an area referred to as Billionaire’s Row. It will also be a residential, not a commercial, building.

Oikonomou has said, “The Big Bend has been created, among other things, in order to emphasize the fact that New York has become a giant hotel.” He said this because he has observed that New Yorker’s have a habit of buying condos that they don’t live in full time. No matter what the reasons are for people buying condos, the fact remains that housing in NYC is in demand and the proposed u-shaped building will offer people a unique place to buy property.


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