Alessandra Kitinas is Australia’s Youngest CEO

(Sydney, Australia) – Alessandra Kitinas, a 16-year old living in Sydney, is Australia’s youngest CEO. Alessandra, referred to as Ali by her friends, is passionate about performing and she learned early on that it is difficult to make a living doing that. She started her first business at 14 years old and her second one a short while later. She currently juggles her two businesses with school and her many performances.

Her first business is a social media company called Outside the Square and she’s been working on that for the past couple of years. Her second is called Freedom Scrub and in this one, she not only provides a great product to her customers, but she also gives back.

The mission of the Freedom Scrub is to use ethically sourced, already used coffee grounds to turn it into something new. Her body scrubs come in three scents – coffee, lavender, and peppermint. Proceeds from the sale of each of her scrubs benefits various charities.

According to the Freedom Scrub website, “The coffee grinds used in the original coffee Freedom Scrub are ethically sourced through direct trade in collaboration with The Freedom Hub, these not only are recycled rather than sent to land fill, but are ethically grown and provide give back to the rehabilitation of child soldiers and women living in poverty in Rwanda.” A portion of the proceeds are also keeping five children who are living in poverty throughout the world cared for and off the streets.

She also said that she has her priorities, and that balancing her life is very important to her. She told the news outlet, Neos Kosmos, “School remains my main priority. Therefore, I make sure I schedule my day to start early so that it can be as productive as possible. In order to get enough time to do my homework during school hours, I set the clock for 6 a.m. to do some work for the two businesses and during lunch and recess I catch up on the rest.”

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