Greek Australian Alex Dimitriades Wins Logie Award for Most Outstanding Actor

Alex D(Melbourne, Australia) – Greek Australian Alex Dimitraides has just won a Logie Award for Most Outstanding Actor for his work on The Principal. The TV Week Logie Awards take place every year and offer recognition for outstanding work in television. The Principal is the story of a history teacher that becomes the principal in a rough school for boys, many of whom engage in acts of violence. The series, which is written by Kristen Dunphy ad Alice Addison, talks about the triumphs and struggles of taking the role of principal in such a tough school. Dimitrades has the role of Matt Bashir, the principal of the Boxdale Boys High.  His character took on the role of making a difference at the troubled school, a feat that didn’t prove to be easy. It was a four part crime drama that aired in October of 2015 in Australia.

Alex Dimitrades was born in 1973 in Sydney, Australia to his Greek immigrant parents. He got involved with acting at a young age. He made his screen debut in 1973 as part of the cast of The Heartbreak Kid and since then has been involved in film, television, and also the theater. He made his television debut in 1995 in the series Blue Murder. He has also been involved in the theater and has appeared in many theater productions including a production of Rain Man in 2010.

The Logie Awards have been around since 1960 and since then, have upheld the tradition of honoring those who have contributed to the best that Australian Television has to offer. The awards are named after John Logie Baird who invented the television. In Australia, they are considered to be the equivalent of the Emmy Awards. Each year, it’s a gala affair complete with red carpet, celebrity sightings, and plenty of press. Dimitriades was also nominated in 2012 for his work on The Slap but this is the first time he has received the honor.


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