New Baklava Bar Opens in Melbourne, Australia

blue-spoon-greek-yogurt(Melbourne, Australia) – The owners of blu spoon, a yogurt bar in Melbourne, Australia that features frozen Greek yogurt and other Greek baked treats, launched a new baklava bar as part of this business. The grand opening took place this past Tuesday on November 22, 2016, and is adding to the treats that are already available at this yogurt shop. Not only that, but this baklava bar is the first of its kind in Australia.

The owners of blu spoon, Conrad Manolidis and Anna Provataris, originally opened the yogurt shop in 2014. For the past few years, they noticed that baklava was a popular favorite amongst their visitors. At the shop, visitors can enjoy frozen Greek yogurt as well as Greek-style toppings, such as revani and melamakarona. Baklava, however, was always a clear favorite so the pair decided to build on this theme.

Manolidis has said, “Baklava seems to be a running theme throughout our business. We’ve got baklava ice cream, baklava frozen yogurt, chopped up baklava in our condiments where you can put it on top of your yogurt. It’s one of those things that everyone associates (with) Greeks.”

They’re now creating interesting and modernized takes on the traditional baklava, and people can take this dessert home to enjoy. For inspiration, Manolidis asked his mother, who grew up in a part of Greece close to where baklava had its origin. He recalls that as a child, his mother would make different combinations of this classic dessert. Manolidis said, “I started talking to my mum and she mentioned how she remembers making other combinations of baklava growing up and then we started looking at modernising versions of that.”

Now, the shop serves cobinations such as nutella and chocolate, orange and hazelnut, rose petal and pistachio, and salted caramel, which is a clear favorite amongst visitors.


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