Beta Bar Operated by Sydney Australia’s Hellenic Club to Open June 30

Hellenic Club Sydney(Sydney, Australia) – The Hellenic Club in Sydney, Australia is set to open the Beta Club on June 30. The bar, which is operated by both the Hellenic Club and Chef Peter Conistis, will feature a complete bar experience with a range of cocktails and mezedethes, or Greek appetizers, on the menu. It was announced on March 30, 2016 that the Hellenic Club and Chef Conistis planned to open the bar in the summer. They are on schedule for their predicted opening day of June 30. The Beta Bar will be located above the Alpha Restaurant, which is on Castlereagh Street in Sydney. The bar was designed by DS17’s Paul Papadopoulos who also worked on the design of the Alpha Restaurant.

The restaurant manage of Alpha, Brooke Davis, will also manage the operations of the Beta Bar. The Hellenic Club website says that the bar will serve up traditional Greek dishes that are given a special flair by Head Chef Peter Conistis. Menu items include oysters with a special cucumber and olive dressing, slow cooked lamb pastries, and smoked feta with duck. Each of these dishes offers a twist on classic and traditional Greek recipes. The cocktail menu was developed by head bartender Nick Cannon, and classic cocktails with a Greek twist are on the menu. These include a Dirty Greek Martini that is served with olives and served with a grilled skewer of Greek vegetables.

The Hellenic Club was established in 1924 as a way for Greeks in the Sydney area to come together. It started off as a club for sports and businessmen but started to grow considerably after the board let younger members into the club. The Hellenic Club website describes the bar as, “Drawing on the elegant Victorian architecture of 238 Castlereagh Street, the bar will create a modern installation within the classic space with raw and natural interiors complemented with contemporary furniture and design.”

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