4 Greek-Australians Make the BRW Young Rich 2016 List

(Australia) – The BRW Young Rich is a guide that highlights who the wealthiest, young Australians are each year. For the 2016 addition, four young Greek-Australians have made the list – Nick Georgalis, Tim Demetriou Kosta Drakopoulos  and Kayla Itsines, who is one of eight women who have made this year’s list. Each of these individuals has made their fortunes by either founding or co-founding successful companies. The list explores how each of those who made the cut made their fortunes, as well as listing how much their net worth is.

Nick Georgalis is listed 17th overall on the list and is the first of the Greek-Australians to make the cut with a net worth of $144 million Australian Dollars. He made most of his fortune through property deals in Canberra and the surrounding area through his company, Geocon.

Tim Demetriou is number 27th on the list overall and is in second place for the Greek-Australians. His fortune is listed at $84 million Australian Dollars, an amount which he made by co-founding his company, Acquire Learning. Through his business, he is focused on steering people on the right path with their careers and also helping with job placement.

Kosta Drakopoulos is number 42 overall on the list, and is listed as the third Greek-Australian to make the list. His fortune totals $60 million Australian Dollars and he is the third Greek-Australian to make the cut. This is his first time on the BRW Young Rich list. He started off as a struggling worker, packing boxes for Nike. Eventually, he began a property form named Drakk in 2006, which is how he earned his money.

Kayla Itsines is one of only eight women on the list. She is listed at 51st place overall and is the 4th Greek-Australian on the list. Her fortune currently totals $46 million Australian Dollars. As a personal trainer, she built her brand around her main skill and her desire to help others. In addition to making this list, she made Time’s list of the 30 Most Influential People on the Internet. She made her fortune through her Bikini Body Trainig Company and helps people achieve their best bodies. She has a Bikini Body Guide and also an app that helps people build their level of fitness.

The BRW Young Rich is released each year, and many of the list members make it year after year.

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