Greek-Australian Community Leaders Discuss Hellenic Initiative

The Hellenic Initiative(Sydney, Australia) – Greek-Australian community leaders from all over Australia met recently to talk about issues related to the Hellenic Initiative, an organization that is in place to help secure the future of the economy in Greece. The goal of the meeting was to figure out how Australians could best offer their support to the Hellenic Initiative. The meeting, which included dinner and was held at the Hellenic Club at the new Alpha Restaurant, had representatives from each Australian state plus two territories on the mainland. The outcome of the meeting is that they wanted to form an Australian chapter of the Hellenic Initiative.

Before the meeting, there was a networking reception followed by a keynote address byTHI Chairman Andrew N. Liveris. The meeting’s MC was Helen Kapolos of the Seven Network’s Sunday Night program. The organizing committee included Nick Mitaros, Nick Pappas, George Giovas, Greg Gav and Penny Maragiannis.  Joining the event from the US were THI Executive Committee member Dean Dakolias and supporters John and Mae Calamos. Event organizers said, ““This was the first time so many community leaders nationwide have come together to discuss how to organize our community in support of Greece,” said Nick Pappas, “we were heartened by the broad attendance and inspired by the commitment to join together.”

According to their website, the Hellenic Initiative’s mission is to invest, “in the future of Greece through direct philanthropy and economic revitalization.” They’re concerned with items such as immediate crisis relief, medical and dental services, vaccinations, and mentorship for entrepreneurs. They also go on to explain that they are committed to helping Greece through investments, not handouts. They want to empower the people of Greece rather than simply give money and aid. Where possible, they support the people through mentorship programs and invest in small businesses. They are always looking for new ways to help and support Greece.


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