Caltex Socceroos to Compete Against Greece in the Dodoni Series

Soccer Ball(Melbourne, Australia) – Dodoni, a Greek producer of dairy products, has announced that the Caltex Socceroos will compete against Greece in the Dodoni Series, which will take place in Australia. Greece became the 2004 European Champion team after winning against Portugal. The Greek team were underdogs, but they still managed to beat Portugal on their home turf. The Dodoni Series is a two game series that will be held on June 4 at the ANZ Stadium in Sydney and on June 7 at the Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia. The matchup between the two international teams is highly anticipated and they expect a sell-out crowd. In both of these games, kickoff will be at 8 PM.

Dodoni has been producing dairy products in Northern Greece since it was founded in 1963. Since then, they have established a presence in Australia, and the brand is recognizable to Australians and Greeks alike. The Australian CEO of the Football Federation, David Gallop, has expressed words of thanks to Dodoni for supporting the two game series. He says,“The last time the Greece national team played in 2006 in Australia a sell-out crowd saw them take on the Caltex Socceroos in Melbourne and these two games in June are again set to attract huge interest by fans in attendance and also on television.”

Emmanuel Kotis, the Australian CEO of Dodoni, has also expressed excitement for this venture, saying that he’s happy that the Dodoni name will be associated with the games. He says, “With a proud Greek heritage, Dodoni has now become a recognized brand in Australia so this involvement is a perfect fit for us.” Their goal is to not only support the games, but to also expand the Dodoni brand to Australians, particular those who are outside of the Greek expat community. If you want to attend the matchup, tickets can be purchased at the Socceroos website. The games are expected to draw a huge interest amongst Greeks and Australians alike. The last time the Greek National Soccer Team played in Australia was in 2006, and back then, the sets were sold out. This matchup during the Dodoni Series is also expected to be popular.


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