Delphi Bank 23rd Greek Film Festival to Take Place in Sydney, Australia Starting on October 12

palace-norton-cinema(Sydney, Australia) – The Palace Norton Cinema in Sydney, Australia will host the Delphi Bank 23rd Greek Film Festival in order to celebrate the best that Greek film has to offer. There are seventeen full length films, sixteen short films, and several docomentaries on the roster and all of them relate to the Greek film industry in some way. Many of them have also won awards. The festival will begin on October 12, 2016 ad end on October 23, 2016. Each of the films will run at the Palace Norton Cinema.

The Greek film industry is well represented here and will encompass several genres and cover a wide variety of topics. This festival is also a great way for people to learn a little bit about the Greek Film industry and what it means to the Greek culture. Nia Karteris, the Chair of the film festival, said, “We are extremely proud to present to our audiences the most exciting films and filmmakers from storytellers of Greek heritage.”

She also said, ““This year’s program is a rich tapestry of themes, perspectives and great stories to delight, excite, inform and ultimately entertain our Festival audiences. We’re also particularly thrilled about David Tsirekas from newly opened Greek restaurant 1821, agreeing to cater our opening night.”

During opening night, the festival will air World’s Apart, a film from 2015 that was created by Christopher Papakaliatis and is starring J.K. Simmons. The film features three separate love stories while also exploring a relationship between an individual from Greece and a foreigner. Another of Papakaliatis’ films titled What If will be featured on the closing night of the festival.

Other films on the roster include Sacred HeartBlind Sun, Chevalier, and Suntan. Documentaries on the schedule include This is a Coup and Beneath the Olive Tree. Several older films from the 1970’s will also be shown, including The Careless Idiot and The Charlatan.


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