Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in Greece Terence Quick to Visit Australia

(Australia) – The Deputy Foreign Minister of Foreign Affairs in Greece, Terence Quick, is scheduled to visit Australia at the end of May. Although the exact itinerary for this visit hasn’t been organized, officials do know that it will be taking place at the end of May/ beginning of June. As of now, he is scheduled to arrive in Sydney, Australia on May 31 and in Melbourne, Australia on June 1. The goal of this trip is to open up a dialogue between himself, officials at the Greek Embassies, and various state and city officials throughout Australia.

He is scheduled to meet with officials, such as the Greek Ambassador, Greek General Counsel, and Australian officials from each of the cities. The goal is to discuss issues that pertain to Greeks living throughout the world, and especially those who are living in Australia. Mr. Quick’s role is to handle issues that are relevant to Greeks living abroad so the scheduled visit is designed to open up a dialogue where these issues can be addressed. These issues include immigration, the Greek economy, and securing employment.

Terence Quick was born in Thessaloniki, Greece and he began his professional career as a reporter for various Greek newspapers. Mr. Quick ventured into politics in 1986 and has been involved in various aspects since then. In 1986, he was an elected member of the parliament in Athens. In 2014, he was a top vote-getter for the Independent Greeks. He also became a spokesperson in 2014. His role now is as the Deputy Foreign Minister of Foreign Affairs and he has spent some time traveling throughout the world to places like Egypt and Canada to discuss issues concerning Greeks living abroad. The itinerary for the current trip to Canada is expected to be released closer to the date of his arrival.

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