The Hellenic Hotel Opens in Williamstown Australia

Hellenic Hotel(Williamstown, Australia) – George Calombaris, a Greek-Australian Chef and Restaurateur, has just opened up the Hellenic Hotel in Williamstown, Australia. This isn’t Calombaris’ first venture. He also owns the Greek restaurant Hellenic Republic with locations in Brunswick and Kew. In addition to that, he is also a judge on Network Ten and MasterChef Australia. His other projects include The Press Club, Mastic, and Jimmy Grants.

His latest project, the Hellenic Hotel, is part of a project where Calombaris set out to really get in touch with his Greek roots. On his website, he says that the lives his life according to three things. He makes sure to Philotimo, or an “inner personal pride”, Kefi, or the ability to have a zest for life, and Meraki because, “We must always cook and serve with soul, creativity, and love.” He also says that, “My beliefs about the purity of Hellenic food form the starting point for all my dishes, from concept to execution. Our taramosalata is as pure as it comes: white, the way it started, and the way it always should be.”

His latest project, the Hellenic Hotel, goes right along with that thinking. Referred to as a “modern-day taverna”, the decor draws on his Greek heritage. There are shining concrete floors, whitewashed brick walls, and the whole place is done up in blue and white, which are the traditional colors of Greece.

Besides that, the menu pays homage to his Greek roots. You can find items on the menu that are typical of Greek tavernas, complete with his own special touches. Items such as saganaki, taramosalata, lamb, and more are part of the menu. There are also separate sharing menus that are designed to give guests the complete taverna experience with everything from meze, or appetizers, to main courses, and even desserts. There is also a takeaway menu available for those who prefer to eat at home.

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