Greek-Australian Jami Kleisari Elected Mayor of Stonington, Australia

jami-kleisari(Stonington, Australia) – Jami Kleisari, a Greek-Australian, has just been elected mayor of the city of Stonington in Australia. Stonington, which has a total of over 100,000 constituents, is made up of eight districts and Kleisari will be governing over each of them. Kleisari, who is 24 years old, won the race over politicians who are much older than her.

Kleisari was brought up in a political household, and she has said that on some level, she always believed that she would serve in public office. Her father, Paul Kleisari, was elected as a Monash councillor in 2000. Her father then served as mayor in 2008, 2009, and from 2014 – 2015. He was also a Labour Party candidate in the federal elections in 2016.

Concerning her career in politics she has said, “In a way, I felt very early that I belonged in this space. This is where you encounter people from all walks of life, wanting help to improve their daily lives…I was struck by how demanding this role was, but at the same time how efficient. How much difference my father made in the lives of people who trusted him with their vote.”

Ms. Kleisari is the youngest mayor ever to be elected in Stonington. She will serve as the Mayor of the City of Stonington for the 2017 term for exactly 12 months. In a recent press release, she thanked her Councillors for pledging their support to her. She said, “I express my sincere appreciation to them for placing their trust in me to lead this Council in 2017.”

She has also said that she is eager to serve the Stonington community, and she talked about several of the projects she will be involved with. She said, “I’m particularly looking forward to progressing the undergrounding of Cato Street car park and working on providing a netball stadium because women’s sports are important to me and it is crucial to achieve gender equality in that space.” She also said that, “I will also continue to advocate for an interchange station at South Yarra as part of the Melbourne Metro Rail Project.”

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