The Society of Kratero Launches Book Titled, “Kratero – An Epic Story of Heroism”

kratero-society(Melbourne, Australia) – The Society of Kratero announces the launch of its new book, Kratero – An Epic Story of Heroism. The book, which was launchd at the Society’s annual Repatriation Function at Firenze Receptions in Melbourne. The reception was not only a chance to bring the people in the society together, but it was also provided a good forum to launch the book.

Not only that, but this year’s annual celebration marks the 60th year of the Society of Kratero, which was founded in 1956. The reception also marks the anniversary of the repatriation of its people back to the village of Kratero in 1950 when the village was destroyed during the Greek Civil War in 1947. This is a story that focuses on not only the people’s bravery, but also their willingness to survive and make their lives better.

Kratero – An Epic Story in Heroism tells the story of the Krateriotes, who fought a hard battle that was designed to defend Kratero. Despite their efforts, however, many of the villagers were displaced to Florina until 1950. During the war, however, many of those who defended Kratero continued to fight for Greece while others decided to migrate elsewhere, such as to Australia. Kratero was eventually rebuilt with the help of the Greek government.

This book doesn’t have a single author. Rather, Mark Giantsis, an individual who has ancestry in Kratero, spearheaded its creation. However, it was compiled as a group effort by members of the Society of Kratero. This include’s the club’s president, Anthony Dimkopoulos, members of the committee Margaret Fermanis, Jacqueline Taskas, and Alexandra Boicos who all have family members from different generations who were part of the society. The book offers an historical glimpse of the bravery of the villages, told through stories that were handed down through the generations and by the facts of history.


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