FFA Announces that it Lowered Ticket Prices for Socceroos Match Against Greece

Greece Vs Socceroos(Australia) – The Football Federation Australia, or FFA, has announced that it lowered the ticket prices for the upcoming Socceroos matches against Greece, who will play each other on June 4, 2016 and June 7, 2016. The FFA acknowledges that there is a Greek population who would be interested in watching Greece’s national team, and there are also plenty of people who would be interested in watching the Socceroos. In order to insure that the games will have enough spectators, the prices were lowered by a discount of almost 50%. The FFA is using past precedent to help control this decision. Although the market potential is there, the games haven’t had the turnout that was predicted. The organization would like to avoid that from happening this year. All categories of tickets will receive a discount.

This matchup is always highly anticipated for a variety of reasons. First of all, the Greek national team won the European Championship in 2004. If the Socceroos plays at a competitive level with them, it is a test of their true potential. Not only that, but this game is looked at as a way to bring two cultures together and to celebrate Australia’s relationship with Greece. There is also a large Greek population throughout Australia, who will all find this matchup an enjoyable one to watch. Despite that, attendance numbers haven’t been up to par. As an experiment, the FFA decided to lower the prices to see if it would impact the audience numbers. However, this discount doesn’t apply to people who have already purchased their tickets, so the move could cause some controversy.

Both teams are at the top of their games, which should make for an enjoyable match. They also both have a wide fanbase. However, the Socceroos haven’t spent a lot of time in recent years, as the FFA uses most of its resources to attract larger clubs to its stadiums. They hope that bringing them to the city for this matchup will draw large enough crowds to make the two games a success.


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