Greek Presidential Guard to Visit Australia for Anzac Day

(Australia) – Nine Evzone soldiers, prestigious members of the Presidential Guard in Greek, are scheduled to travel to Greece next week in time for Anzac Day, which takes places on Tuesday, April 25, 2017. According to the Wikipedia page, Anzac Day commemorates all soldiers from Australia and New Zealand who have fought in foreign wars. The Anzac soldiers played a big part in the Battle of Crete, which took place during World War II, which is one of the reasons why Greece sends the Evzones as part of the Anzac Day festivities. April 25 marks the 76th Anniversary of the Battle of Crete.

Although the soldiers were delayed by a few days because of their schedule, they are officially scheduled to take part in the festivities. Harry Patsouris, the trustee of the Foundation for Hellenic Studies, told Neos Kosmos, “After obtaining special attendance permission from the Greek government, the nine Evzones and their two lieutenants will visit Adelaide and Sydney to commemorate the serving soldiers of Greece and Crete, often known as the ‘forgotten Anzacs.” Patsouris is one of the individuals, along with Arthur Balayannis of the Hellenic Club in Sydney, who coordinated the visit.

The Greek Presidential Guard is scheduled to arrive on April 19, 2017 and they are scheduled to appear in both Adelaide and Sydney. Patsouris said, “The nine Evzones and their lieutenants will arrive in Adelaide on Wednesday 19 April and their presence will bestow the Foundation for Hellenic Studies with a sense of great pleasure and honour in being accorded the opportunity to introduce them to our community, to have them participate in significant ceremonies in Adelaide to honour the Anzacs, and to show them our state.”

The Evzones will be in Adelaide to honor the Anzacs from April 19, 2017 to April 25, 2017. On April 25, they will fly into Sydney in order to commemorate the Battle of Crete in a ceremony on May 4, 2017. Patsouris also said, “We are very proud to be behind this initiative and it makes the Greeks in Australia feel proud to have such an important part of their home country visit Australia.”

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