New Greek Restaurant 1821 Opens in Sydney Australia

Baklava(Sydney, Australia) – A new Greek restaurant, named Sydney after the year that the ultimately successful Greek War of Independence began, is open for business in Sydney, Australia. The name of the restaurant honors this important time in Greek history while also serving up some delicious Greek food. The restaurant is offering a modernized take on traditional Greek foods while also incorporating some fusion elements from other cuisines.

The restaurant was scheduled to open in 2015 but missed the original opening due to some unplanned delays. Chef David Tsirekas said that the were faced with multiple delays that caused them to miss the original 2015 opening date, including adjustments to the building, as well as replacing the toilets. However, now those issues are resolved and the restaurant is open for business. Jim Kospetas, the restaurateur in charge of the opening, talked about the restaurant’s interior decorations. He said that the interior was created by Dimitri Oikonomou, a designer based in Athens, Greece. They shipped his designs directly from Athens.

The cuisine itself is fairly unique, and takes an updated spin on some of the classic favorites of Greek cooking. For instance, rather than offer a traditional-style baklava, 1812 offers a caramel baklava that is served with ice cream. In the bake shops in Greece, it isn’t uncommon to see baklava that uses other ingredients, such as chocolate and caramel. Another dish on his Chef Tsirekis’ opening menu is ouzo-infused salmon served with skordalia, a traditional staple of tavernas and restaurants all over Greece. There is also an Greek-Asian fusion item on the menu called “san shoy bow”, which features lettuce cups filled with tomato, rice, vegetables, and a cucumber yogurt dressing similar to tzatziki.

The restaurant is currently open daily for both lunch and dinner and is located at 122 Pitt Street in Sydney.

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